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Link Building – What Is Our Advantage?

SEO Chart Showing How Link Building Fits into SEO works closely with each of its clients to improve online marketing performance.

We regularly work with both individual clients and entire marketing departments.

From lead generation all the way through to conversion, our job is to lift your metrics.

Our close collaboration with our clients and their marketing teams is part of what makes ShipleySEO different. For any marketing effort to be fully-effective, it must be integrated into a comprehensive strategy. Many SEO companies never take the time to integrate their efforts with their clients’ other marketing efforts.


In addition — and unlike our competition which only focuses on chasing the Search Engines — we chase the customer and site user, even with our link building services. After all, if you lose touch with the reasons why your customer has chosen to visit your site, your already have put yourself in a bad position that more traffic alone isn’t going to fix.

The Goal of SEO

The real goal of SEO should be to understand how customers decide what they want when they visit your website and what is driving them there in the first place.

Once you get this kind of dynamic understanding about your customers and act on it appropriately, everything from there is just improvement and further optimization.

ShipleySEO helps companies acquire this kind of understanding about their customers. Then, we help you apply this understanding to your SEO optimization for maximum results.

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Unlike other SEO consultants, we keep our focus on the consumer and on user experience. Other companies will waste your time and money on “trendy” link building strategies. Efforts of this kind never produce long-lasting results.

Continue reading more about our link building services below.

Our Mission

The mission at mission is to help businesses and small website owners get the most out of their sites and make sure that they are visible in the search engines to the right users. The key here is the right users.

In today’s marketplace, websites need to be mobile optimized. This means that the user can view the content of a business’ webpage via their smartphone and/or tablet and have it be just as user friendly as if they were viewing the site on their desktop.

Also, there have been so many changes to Google’s algorithms in 2013 – companies now have to design their sites with much more thoughtfulness and originality to make the cut . . .

Another factor that cannot be overlooked any more is that a businesses must have Social Outlets to compete in today’s SEO landscape –, Google Plus, Twitter and Facebook are just the big ones. So, if you own a website and are not competing in your vertical – maybe it is time to pay attention to your lack of Social Presence.

Let Shipley SEO / Link Building / Mobile Optimization – sit down with you (no charge) and have a consultation to see what things your site needs most and how we can help you implement those changes.

Rising in the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages)’s main goal and focus is to assist our clients to increase their website visibility in the search engines with targeted traffic.

Plus, we will provide On-Page Optimization — the first thing to be done before building external links.

Once your website traffic begins to rise, we will then help you increase conversions on your site, specifically in relation to your recently-increased traffic.

It is very important to understand that there are many individuals working in the SEO industry who focus their sales pitch on Page Rank. Be very cautious of claims such as these.

There are many things that go into creating a successful SEO campaign. But, as far as just getting hooked up with someone who will just focus on PR, you need to rethink if you want to continue the business relationship.

PR is important, but we also believe strongly believe that traffic is becoming the new PR.

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Allow us to explain that one a little more.

If you are getting more and more customers to your site and people are sharing your fantastic service or product via social channels (achieved by search optimization and social presence), you are going to naturally rise in the Search Engines as a result. This alone will increase your PR. It’s organic PR. If you’re getting organic PR, why pay for more?

A good website needs to first have properly-optimized on-site content. This will help the site and business tremendously with to rise in traffic and overall performance.

Social Media Outlets

If not taken care of at the beginning, all the link building efforts in the world will mean nothing if the on-site / on-page problems are not remedied.

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Why Us?

We think it would be good for prospective customers to take a look at our site in order to find out what makes us different in the manner we run our SEO operations. Please take some time to look at a great article that we believe will help visitors to our site understand the way we practice SEO Optimization in an ever-evolving industry.

The ShipleySEO Process

Once we run an audit of your site (which is a FREE SERVICE), we sit down with our clients to discuss the things on their sites that need to be cleaned up and changed before heading into the link building phase.

The link building phase comes next. It is the most important aspect of the process and allows our clients to gain higher rankings over the competition.

This means that the website has to have someone creating links for them, someone who can ensure that those links actually add value to their website.

We make sure to get the client the links that they need to ensure that their ROI will be positive and long-lived.

There are plenty of individuals out there that will promise you thousands of links, telling you that you will be shooting to the top of the search engines in a matter of days . . .

Well, we would caution you to be very wary of companies who promise this kind of quick return when it comes to link building. Chances are that they are spammy link builders. The majority of the links that these agencies generate for you are links of no merit or quality. Spammy links can even permanently damage the search rankings of your website.

We provide link building services for clients who would rather have the peace of mind of knowing that the links that we are getting are going to add sustained value and quality to their site.

We Teach Business to Link Build trains employees in your company how to correctly build the right links. Such employees become a extremely valuable in the long run.

In other words, ShipleySEO builds links for you while we teach you how to build links on your own.

Having someone familiar with your company’s services and products is a huge advantage. They understand what the company’s primary goals are, and this can help them as they begin to build relationships with other marketers in their niche and execute the right link building campaigns.

Also, they have a vested interest to do a good job and make sure that their link building campaigns play out the correct way. They will be at the center of the link building campaign, and it makes it easier when you know exactly what management and others are looking for and what they are not.

Brook Shipley’s Experience is owned and operated by Brook Shipley.

Brook is an in-house link builder for an ecommerce company that is featured in Inc. Magazine’s top 500 Companies.

Brook’s link building process has been endorsed by Eric Ward himself, a well-known SEO guru. So, you can rest assured that we will use “best practices” when it comes to Link Building and SEO.

Working for an ecommerce site can be a very difficult task for a Link Builder, however, Brook’s in-house experience working for ecommerce sites has proven to him that first-page success is possible.

ShipleySEO is based in Salt Lake City, so we are here to help out all the local companies as well as companies across the country.

If you have questions about our site or services, please Click Here to Contact Us. You can also reach Brook Shipley directly at 801-244-6349

Best Regards,

Brook Shipley


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